Livermore hires skilled architects and engineers – many other firms have staffs composed of drafters and designers lead by one licensed individual. We value professionalism in the work we produce and our interactions with others.

Being up-front and honest is the best way to build a solid business (and the best way to serve a client). We have strong opinions about projects at times and believe it is our job to share them in a collaborative and constructive manner.

Whether engineering a structure to use the minimum amount of steel, or planning our work schedule for the next month, we feel that efficiency is a value to strive for.

While our designs need to meet increasingly strict energy code requirements, we welcome the opportunity to work with clients who want to push the envelope for more sustainable buildings.

Through participation in CANstruction, Hood to Coast, kickball, and other events, our staff is engaged in the local Portland community.

Hood to Coast 2014
Canstruction 2014