Commercial Building Design Approach

We broadly define “commercial” buildings as non-single family residential types such as offices, retail, restaurants, and even mixed use or multifamily. We have completed many projects in this category and have found that there are more similarities than differences across these project types.

Defining the Needs: A successful design starts with a clear understanding of the owner’s requirements. Through questionnaires and an interview process we help the entire team develop a clear picture of the project needs.

Safe Buildings: Building codes exist to ensure that people are kept safe from hazards. We have a deep understanding of the intent and nuances of the codes that are applicable to commercial buildings.

Complementing Your Brand: Your building project is a reflection of your business. We can work with you and your creative team to design a building that not only meets your functional needs, but communicates your identity.

Designing for Efficiency: Efficiency can manifest itself in the weight of the structure, the layout of the space, the energy usage of your mechanical systems, and the overall sustainability of the building. We develop our designs to maximize efficiency and value.