Architectural Services

LAE’s architectural services extend beyond a building’s aesthetics.

Building Design

We provide full architectural design of commercial and industrial buildings, including programming, preliminary design, and construction documents.

Master Planning and Site Design

LAE creates facility master plans and site designs that are efficient, future-proofed, and elegant.

Feasibility Studies

Before a property is purchased, LAE helps our clients understand what a site or building’s possibilities and constraints are.


Our talented staff bring our client’s vision into reality by creating realistic 3D images of their building.

Interior Design

Our architects ensure that every space in our client’s buildings are welcoming environments that fit their needs.

Code Reviews

LAE’s code reviews thoroughly analyze a building to ensure that it meets all zoning, accessibility, and building codes.

Structural Engineering Services

Our engineers offer outstanding quality and attention to every project, no matter its size.

Building Structure Engineering

We provide engineering for all types of building structures including foundations, steel frame, wood frame, concrete and masonry.

Equipment Anchorage

Our engineers design seismic anchorage for equipment installations, contributing to a safe facility.

Seismic Evaluations and Upgrades

Even though upgrading existing buildings comes with its share of complications, our engineers strive to make every retrofit as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Equipment Platform Engineering

For industrial facilities, we often design large and small platforms to support or access equipment.

Project Management Services

All of LAE’s staff are equipped with project management skills that help projects stay on budget and on time.

Schedule and Budget Development

LAE helps its clients accomplish their goals within the budget and timeframe they have.

Permit Assistance and Monitoring

With years of experience dealing with all types of city jurisdictions, we make sure the permitting process is easy and painless for our clients.

Bidding Assistance

LAE guides our clients through the bidding process, helping them select the best contractor for the job.

Construction Administration Services

When construction starts, we work with the contractor to make sure what is built reflects the local jurisdictions codes as well as the client’s desires.

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