Lexus of Seattle Alterations

Livermore Architecture & Engineering provided building design services for the Lexus of Seattle in Lynnwood, Washington with the intention to upgrade the look and sales process of the dealership.

This design-build project, led by the Gravity Company, modernized and expanding the front facade, showroom, customer entrance, and waiting areas. The exterior and interior design was developed by the Gravity Company to be consistent with Lexus’s corporate standards. Livermore Architecture & Engineering provided architecture and structural engineering services, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering through a consultant. Some highlights include sleek material selections (ultra-clear glass and aluminum composite wall panels) and a complex steel structural system to support the dynamic building elements.

LAE worked with Gravity Company’s designers to provide interior design and material choice expertise to create a showroom that better matches the current Lexus brand. The roof at the front of the building was raised, allowing room for a large curtain wall at the front facade and a high ceilinged vestibule. LAE combined Lexus’s company brand, the client’s desires, and our own design sensibilities to create a unique, inviting, and modern sales environment.

Date: 2021
Services: Architecture, Structural Engineering
Size: 10,000 SF
Location: Lynnwood, Washington