IMEX Toner Manufacturing Facility

Livermore Architecture & Engineering, Inc. provided building design services for the IMEX Toner Manufacturing Facility in Salem, Oregon. The overall 23,000 square foot building includes a 4,000 square foot office area, 9,000 square foot manufacturing area and 10,000 square foot warehouse and employee services

In response to IMEX’s specific manufacturing process, tilt-up concrete bearing walls spanning a full 52’-0” in height were used in tandem with a steel beam and joist roof structure. As part of the design, LAE developed a detailed 3D structural model for an intricate interior process equipment platform. This model ensured the client’s complex process requirements were met while also facilitating coordination across all design disciplines, including piping, material lifts and electrical controls.

Date: Completed 2001
Services: Architecture, Structural Engineering
Size: 23000 SF
Location: Salem, Oregon