Industrial Building Design Approach

Livermore Architecture & Engineering has completed countless successful industrial projects over the years – we consider these to be our specialty. Industrial and manufacturing architecture have special requirements and considerations that make them unique relative to other commercial buildings. We believe in a methodical, iterative design process to arrive at the best possible design for an industrial facility.

Defining the Needs

A successful design starts with a clear understanding of the owner’s requirements. We have developed questionnaires and an interview process specific to industrial projects to help the entire team develop a clear picture of the project needs.

Designing for Safety

Building codes are important for all projects, but are critically important for industrial buildings that may contain hazardous materials or processes. Early in the project, we develop a code analysis to highlight potential compliance concerns so they do not become surprises later on.

Understanding Special Considerations

Industrial buildings have special needs such as adequate space for truck movement and loading; equipment placement and anchorage; employee facilities and movement; durable finishes; racks for support of piping and ductwork. We draw on our extensive experience when incorporating these items into the design.

Keeping Costs Under Control

We work with the owner to develop a realistic budget and design to that budget. We understand that capital costs are a critical part of a new industrial facility.

Working with Contractors

We have worked on projects with many different delivery methods including Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build. We view the contractor as an integral part of the team and welcome their feedback during the design of the project.

Working as an Integrated Design Team

Our architects and structural engineers work closely together (we’re in the same room!) to ensure that the two disciplines are closely coordinated. In addition, we have a network of trusted consulting engineers for other systems such as mechanical, electrical, and civil.

Industrial Experience – Selected Projects

Daikin N1: Four building expansion to chemical manufacturing facility
MSSA: 9,000 SF ground-up chemical manufacturing facility with exterior tank yard and loading areas
Sanyo Solar: 130,000 SF ground-up solar film manufacturing facility
IMEX: 23,000 SF ground-up toner manufacturing facility
Leupold & Stevens: multiple alterations and structural engineering for optics manufacturer
CFA: 180,000 SF major expansion to advanced materials manufacturing facility