Existing Building Design Approach

Livermore Architecture & Engineering has completed numerous renovations, remodels, tenant improvements, alterations, and additions over the years. Since much of our work is comprised of renovations and remodels, we have created a project management system to complete these projects in an efficient and economic manner. We have the extensive knowledge of previous construction techniques and deep understanding of current technologies required to modify existing buildings.

Studying Feasibility

We have comprehensive knowledge of zoning ordinances, building codes and construction methods. One of many ways we ensure a smooth project is during the due-diligence period. At LAE we identify challenges before they become problems by pairing our knowledge with our code analysis process to provide a simple and detailed report outlining challenges.

Evaluating Existing Structures

There are thousands of ways to construct a building. Determining what and how a building is standing gets more complicated when the variety of methods for building with steel, concrete, masonry, and unusual structural materials are added into the mix. Fortunately, we have been engineering buildings using those materials since the inception of Livermore Architecture and Engineering.

Reusing Through Adaptation

Economics change over time – as does the best use of a property or a building. At LAE we work with all types of buildings to modify their use for a client. If you want to change a retail building into a warehouse, an office building into residential condominiums, or any other change in use, then we have the background to guide you through the adaptive reuse/change of occupancy process.

Understanding Special Considerations

Existing buildings have elements hiding out of sight. We do our due diligence by researching the record drawings at the local jurisdiction and visiting the site. This allows us to find as much information as possible early in the process. On the other hand, sometimes there are elements which are not documented and are not seen until the building is being taken apart. In those cases, we are in constant communication with the contractor and building officials to find the best solution to challenges that arise from hidden conditions, while always staying mindful of the budget.

Existing Building Experience – Selected Projects

JHI Engineering Office: a two-phase, 20,000 SF major alteration project for an engineering firm including exterior and interior improvements
Livermore Architecture & Engineering Office: 2,900 SF tenant improvement for our own office space.
Portland Roasting: Alterations for Cupping Room in existing building
American Plaza Towers: Plumbing replacement and alterations to two high-rise condo buildings with 237 units