Gary Livermore, PE, Architect

Founder & President

Gary Livermore possesses the rare distinction of being dually-licensed as both an architect and a structural engineer. Since 2000, Gary has established Livermore Architecture & Engineering as a collaborative group of trusted designers and engineers of commercial and industrial environments. Gary has over 30 years of design and engineering experience and possesses a deep knowledge of all aspects of building construction. Gary has particular expertise in building and fire code requirements, including the complexities of designing Hazardous (H) Occupancies.

As President of LAE, Gary directs company staffing, scheduling, financial management and quality control. He also acts as project manager on certain projects and maintains an active role in all projects and activities in the office. Gary’s depth of knowledge and managerial excellence sets the standard for all Livermore personnel.

Arizona State University
M.S. Structural Engineering, 1982

University of Oregon
Bachelor of Architecture, 1978

Industrial Building Design
Hazardous Occupancies
Steel & Concrete Engineering
Project Management & Scheduling

P.E. State of Alabama
P.E. State of Alaska
P.E. State of Arizona
P.E. State of California
P.E. State of Connecticut
P.E. State of Delaware
P.E. State of Florida
P.E. State of Georgia
P.E. State of Idaho
P.E. State of Indiana
P.E. State of Kansas
P.E. State of Kentucky
P.E. State of Michigan
P.E. State of Minnesota
P.E. State of Missouri
P.E. State of Nevada
P.E. State of New Mexico
P.E. State of North Carolina
S.E. State of Oregon
P.E. State of Pennsylvania
P.E. State of South Carolina
P.E. State of Texas
P.E. State of Utah
P.E. State of Virginia
P.E. State of Washington
P.E. State of West Virginia

Architect – State of Alabama
Architect – State of Alaska
Architect – State of Arizona
Architect – State of Delaware
Architect – State of Florida
Architect – State of Georgia
Architect – State of Kentucky
Architect – State of Michigan
Architect – State of Minnesota
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Architect – State of Missouri
Architect – State of Nevada
Architect – State of New Mexico
Architect – State of North Carolina
Architect – State of Oregon
Architect – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Architect – State of South Carolina
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Architect – State of Texas
Architect – State of Utah
Architect – Commonwealth of Virginia
Architect – State of Washington