Firm History

September 8, 2020 marked Livermore Architecture & Engineering’s 20th year in business. Looking back over the years we have seen a lot of changes in our company, the industry, and the region. We would not be where we are now without the support of our clients, the hard work of our dedicated and talented staff, and a bit of luck. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in our journey – including staff members who have moved on to successful roles at other firms, and our repeat clients who have been so generous to us!


Gary Livermore starts the company as Livermore Associates Engineering. Our first office was on Barbur Boulevard in a 700 square foot space.


The IMEX project – a 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility – gives the firm a boost and shows we have the ability to complete big projects as a small design firm.


The firm works on TCA 4 and TCA 5 with Inspec Group. These are complex, process-heavy projects for a carbon fiber manufacturer.


Colleen Nichols joins the company. Colleen set the standard for quality and level of effort, in addition to having a delightful personality.


The firm moves to the Water Tower Building on Macadam Avenue. This is the start of a long stay in the John’s Landing/Lair Hill area of Portland.


Hiro Tomomatsu joins the company. Hiro has provided outstanding project management for 16 years.


Gary becomes a part owner of a building on SW Arthur Street and the firm moves to a space on the second floor.


The firm works concurrently on two large industrial projects – the Daikin Expansion in Decatur, Alabama and the Sanyo Solar manufacturing plant in Salem, Oregon.


Geoff Grummon-Beale joined the company. Geoff has strived to increase architectural design quality and broaden our project market base.


The firm works on the architectural and structural design of Morinaga’s new offices and candy manufacturing facility in Mebane, North Carolina.


The firm moves to a 3000 square foot space in the Macadam Center on Macadam Avenue.


The firm begins works on a ground-up restaurant project – Ixtapa in Hood River, Oregon.


A fire which destroyed the Macadam Center and our office causes a move to the Crown Plaza Building at First and Market Streets in downtown Portland.

Portland General Electric Sherwood Training Center Exterior


The firm works on several important projects which help to diversify our client base and push design boundaries. These include two projects for R+L Carriers, the Chang Tuh Food Processing Facility, PGE’s Sherwood Line Training Center, and two projects for Professional Auto Transport. We also add several talented staff members to our team, including Lance Meinhold, Senior Project Manager.

2020… and beyond

Geoff joins Gary as a part owner in a 6 year transition process.

As we approach the end of a wild year, we are looking forward to a bright future, building on the strengths of our experience and our staff, and continuing to learn, grow, and improve our services. Thanks again to everyone who has helped along the way!