Core Strengths

Minimizing Communication Errors
By having architects and structural engineers under one roof, we are able to easily coordinate the two disciplines. This brings value to the owner by allowing for an efficient workflow and minimizing costly errors and misunderstandings.

Organization and Planning
We take pride in our ability to plan effectively for projects and to meet all schedules, deadlines, and budgets. We are always clear and honest in what we can and cannot achieve.

Project Ownership
Because of our size, all of our staff take a project management role on our various projects. Taking ownership on a project means taking pride in the work.

Building Code Knowledge
We have a thorough understanding of building code knowledge. We have particular expertise in Industrial, Manufacturing, Hazardous (H) occupancies as well as accessibility requirements.

We recognize how costly an erred drawing can be when it comes time for construction. Our staff, who have spent many hours working alongside contractors, take great care in preventing these errors.

Internal Management Structure
Because of the demands of past projects, we have set up internal structures and standards that allow us to complete projects efficiently and accurately. We have a “lessons learned” program that allows us to continually refine and improve the way we design.