About LAE

Founded in 2000 by Gary Livermore, a dually licensed architect and structural engineer, LAE has made a mark both in Oregon and throughout the United States as an effective commercial and industrial building designer. Gary’s commitment to both architecture and structural engineering is reflected in the firm’s integrated design approach.

At LAE we view the practice of architecture and structural engineering as a complete and cohesive enterprise – we are tasked with creating a design that satisfies hundreds of project requirements, meets the client’s needs and budget, is constructible, is good for the environment, and contributes value to the users and the community at large. We love to work with the entire design team to put the puzzle pieces together into the best solution for the client. Design is an art as well as a science, and we strive to turn a clear vision into a completed project.

Although located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, LAE possesses licensure in jurisdictions across the country and is well-versed when it comes to designing from afar. Our commitment to careful coordination is evident in our use of technology and travel to bridge gaps and ensure communication remains fluid through a project’s development.

We work on large and small projects and are committed to providing the best service possible.


Primary Services

At the heart of our business, Livermore Architecture & Engineering combines experienced judgment with integrated technology to shape physical environments around our clients’ needs and aspirations. Whether it is an intimate restaurant or an expansive industrial site, LAE can respond with a range of carefully considered possibilities. Our architects are prepared to guide a project from early visioning to substantial completion. Designing spaces to be more sustainable is also a guiding value here at LAE.

With over half of the staff registered as either Professional Engineers or Engineers‐in‐Training, LAE is able to flexibly devote a considerable amount of resources to the most challenging of structural systems. LAE’s design and analysis approach is rooted in the use of complex 3D modeling software, which allows for quick and accurate results while providing nimble adaptation as design priorities shift across a project. In‐office specialties include structural steel, composite steel and concrete deck, tilt‐up concrete panels, space frame and heavy timber design.

Over the past decade, LAE has assisted a range of large commercial and industrial clients with master planning services in which site selection, resource allocation and long‐range visioning are all considered. Our experience and credentials provides us with the tools necessary to consider a vast range of parameters that can affect the long term success and sustainability of a master plan including: geographic, demographic and logistical proximity; infrastructure access and distribution; value stream mapping of product development in a manufacturing context; phased development strategies; and maximization of energy efficiency.

LAE possesses deep experience working with project teams through a variety of design and construction delivery methods, including design‐build, design‐bid‐build, fast‐track and engineering‐procurement‐construction. Our expertise makes us a valuable resource to both clients and contractors when it comes to developing project budgets and material take‐offs, performing code and zoning reviews, and working with local jurisdictions from initial plan review through final certification of occupancy.

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