Morinaga America Foods, Inc.

LAE worked with a diverse project team to design a new North American headquarters and manufacturing facility for Morinaga America Foods, Inc., the maker of the popular Japanese candy Hi-Chew.  A variety of sites and designs have been considered by the project team, with LAE assisting through rapid creation of 3D models and renderings.  Tilt-up concrete wall panels and a steel framed roof structure were determined to be optimal in terms of cost and flexibility for future expansion. Along with the office portion of the headquarters, the envelope’s concrete panels have been manipulated to architecturally highlight the entrance and develop a sense of personal scale in contrast with the massive manufacturing volume beyond.

In addition to providing master planning services and assistance with site selection, LAE developed all architectural and structural engineering documents for the project.


  • Date: 2015
  • Services: Architecture, Structural Engineering, Site Planning
  • Magnitude: 100,500 SF
  • Location Mebane, NC